M4B Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers all information about user data collection and usage, security, cookies, and every other relevant aspect of the M4B converter’s functionality. We make sure that the conversion of your files goes without complications, and the information that we collect is an important factor.

What personal information do we collect?

As most websites do, we collect impersonalized data from our users. Example of such data is browser type and version, referrals, duration of conversion of uploaded files, date and time of the visit. Information that is crucial for our services is our user’s IP address because this way authorization for downloading converted files is conducted. We use collected data primarily for assessing the HEIC converter’s performance and finding ways to resolve any issues and improve user experience.

For how long we keep gathered data?

Uploaded and generated files are kept on our servers only for the time necessary to efficiently process your requests and then permanently deleted within 1 hour. We guarantee that these files will not be shared or accessed by other persons unless enforced by the law. Also, we do not disclose impersonalized user information we collect with third parties.

How we handle your security?

Users of the M4B converter can be at ease because their security and privacy are our prime directive. We make sure that on our website no third parties can get access to your files. The only thing we can’t guarantee with 100% certainty is the security of your files during transmission through the Internet.

Also, on the M4B converter's website, you can come across other websites as advertisements. We thoughtfully choose which advertisements are displayed, but we are not responsible for their security and the security of information you share on third-party websites. Take precautions and read their privacy policy for more information.

Which cookies we use, and why?

Just like most websites, the M4B converter uses cookies to gather impersonalized information about the user’s browser, preferences, statistics, etc. Cookies are necessary to provide you our services, but also to help us with gathering statistics, such as count the number of users, help detect errors, etc.

While on our website, you may encounter third-party websites that also use cookies. However, we are not responsible for cookies that third-party websites use. Check out their Privacy Policy to discover how and why they use cookies.

Changes and updates

The current Privacy policy is effective immediately. If there are some changes along with new revisions of the M4B converter, our privacy policy might also change. Be sure to check this page from time to time to be up to date. For additional questions, go to the Contact Us page to send us an e-mail. We’ll be thrilled to help you.