About Us

Online M4B converter offers a practical and efficient solution for converting your M4B files to MP3. Our idea came from a universal need to listen to audiobooks on every device, not just Apple devices. That is why we created an online converter that solves this issue in the fastest way possible, doesn’t require registration or installation of 3rd party software. This is how we turned this idea into reality.

Starting a company with one idea that all depends on wasn’t easy. Ever since coming up with the idea of a free online M4B converter, we worked towards offering the best service. Developing and testing lasted almost a year and included people not only from our office in Seattle but some associates and consultants from other companies too.

Our mission was to create a useful tool that will help our users achieve their goals in a better and easier way. An expert team of developers, designers, technicians, and many more worked closely to optimize M4B converter so that you can’t notice the difference in quality between original and converted MP3 files. The conversion process is based on a complex algorithm that enables the fastest conversion with keeping the high quality.

With the motivation to succeed, nothing could stop us from accomplishing our mission. We are here to help you do that too. Finally, we are proud of the finished result – an accessible M4B converter that is secure, fast, easy to use and 100% FREE. Join our vast group of users and try it for yourself to see just how practical the M4B converter is.